Maximize your income!

We will work diligently to maximize family members’ exposures and income with appearances and/or camps opportunities.


We will partner with all the way!

Each of our family members will have a personalized plan of action, according to their respective goals.  Together we will define what best suits your needs as you work towards your goals.


Your future is our priority!

We will work tirelessly to find you the clubs that best align with your short and long term goals as well as the goals of the clubs itself.


We are on your side!

When finding the right club, we will utilize our contract negotiation skills to maximize your earnings as you work towards your individual goals.  We will always put you and your goals and interest above ours.


Together we will make the right choices!

We will conduct deep research and will analyze each opportunity to carefully determine what is in line with your values and what best fit your career.


Your success is our goal!

Talent Sports Management will work closely with news media worldwide to maximize your brand and ensure a great image of you.


This course was created and is thought by Wollace DeSouza, a Players’ Agent Licensed by the United States Soccer Federation/FIFA and the owner of Talent Sports Management, to help you achieve your goal of passing such a hard exam.

Although these courses are open to anyone from anywhere in the world, it call special attention to the FIFA and USSF portions of the exam. It will not cover other federations’ portion of the exams.

  In this course, I will also share with you my top 5 secrets to pass the exam.

                      Dates and times coming soon


Its all about you!

Whether you are a rookie or a seasoned talent, you will be represented with the highest possible standards and your goals will always be our primary priority.  Remember, we are here to work with you – for you.


Let us do what we do best!

As a professional your first impression is very important; therefore, we believe that a professionally edited video of your abilities and accomplishments is an important key to your presentation.