Created by a former Brazilian soccer player that has been in your shoes and knows how stressful it can be for an athlete to successfully manage his career in-and-out of the field without the support of a reputable, honest, and hardworking partnership – Talent Sports Management is in business to help you achieve success and take it to the next level.

With thousands of professional players and millions of fans worldwide, soccer is the number one sport in the world.  From Canada to Brazil – from Mexico to Japan, each year thousands of talented players participate in tryouts and/or drafts throughout the world and dream of having a glorious soccer career but only a few will have the opportunity of becoming part of a select group called STARS.

At Talent Sports Management, we believe that the lack of opportunity and the athletes’ mistake in choosing the right representation are the two largest reasons why many soccer talents are overlooked and never become a STAR. Therefore, at Talent Sports Management, you can be certain that we will work tirelessly to make sure you are professionally represented in every situation of your professional career.

Whether you are a rookie with little or no professional experience or you are a seasoned professional player representing your national team, you will be given the time and attention needed to ensure your success.